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img Italy, Rome. Territory of beauty, culture, history, tradition and an inexhaustible source of fine wines and gourmet cuisine variety. In the heart of Rome, Il Convivio Troiani, grants and reflects this heritage of tradition and flavor and has a further consideration projecting it into the present time. A cuisine that combines tradition and modernity, based on selected natural ingredients cooked with passion and experience, technique and experience gained through years of rigorous studies and imagination. The result is a personal style of cooking, harmonious and genuine, meditated, in tune with the seasons and the land and well-balanced between tradition and modernity that does not follow trends but only itself. Committed to create dishes that provide excitement, surprises and sensations that make memories.


Massimo, Angelo and Giuseppe Troiani

The Convivio: the story of Massimo, Angelo and Giuseppe Troiani

Protagonists of this exciting story started over twenty years ago are Angelo, Giuseppe and Massimo, the three brothers who decided to migrate from the Marche region to Rome in 1988. The dream to opening their own restaurant becomes a fact in 1990 when Il Convivio opens its doors at number 44 in Via dell'Orso: a Rome's district historically suited to the Hospitality sector. Over the years the business partnership is strengthened and encourages brothers to move restaurant premises in 1998 to the current location in Vicolo dei Soldati 31, a short distance from Piazza Navona, location where Il Convivio Troiani revives and be assigned by its first Michelin star. The Restaurant three elegant rooms under vaulted ceilings are situated in an historical building, surmounted by an ancient tower where former soldiers were quartered.This is the scenario where the Il Convivio story continues Since 2006 Il Convivio Troiani has been matched by a new project totally dedicated to fish and seafood that collects critics and public success: Restaurant Acquolina, leaded by Chef Giulio Terrinoni From September 2013 Il Convivio was certified according to "Conosci il tuo pasto" (Know Your Meal), the standard of the internationally credited Mediterranean Institute of Certification, Senigallia (AN). Il Convivio assigns first place to raw materials from agricultural food chains that provide certified quality such as organic agriculture, PDO (Protected Designations of Origin), and PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) products and also those food chains that are compatible with the environment.