Our Offers

Attention To Products.

The Menù of “Il Convivio”

Everyday we prepare in house many of the products that are served to our guests, from our Bread, naturally leavened and made with organic flours, to our Fresh Pasta which is still artisanally rolled out with a wooden pin. And then our homemade preserves, desserts, smoked products and even cured meats.
E very single produce that we choose for our kitchen is originally from local farmers and producers who are far away from the large retailers logics: their seasonal, sustainable and eco-friendly production is what let us have healthy, nutritious and local food. This is our philosophy, this is what we want our guests to really understand: eating well means eating healthy too.

The Ingredients in our Kitchen

Our cuisine is influenced by ingredients with remarkable properties: there we have the “Superfoods”. Here is the vision of this cuisine, oriented to the most actual trends. For the first time in a complete culinary experience, the Superfoods are the leading characters for a healthy experience 2.0 .
H ere the product is elevated thanks to techniques that enhance every single characteristic. With these ingredients we are able to offer new and fantastic combinations of flavours and textures.

The Ingredients Kitchen

A sensorial dimension where the ingredient has a rooted and timeless gastronomic value; essential element in the construction of the dish, irreplaceable value of the local culinary tradition.
I n the kitchen of the ingredients are born traditional dishes reinterpreted according to our vision, always in step with modernity and the continuous search for ancestral flavors, capable of at the same time surprising with unexpected and sublime taste experiences.